Saturday, June 19, 2004

I'm coming in!

Schools out.
The school year is over for our two little boys--and for me.

Now we adjust to the new-old routine of having everyone around the house together...
all day long, every day of the week--for the next month or so.

This routine change happens every year like clockwork. It's something we all look forward to, and when it's here, we sometimes wonder why, since we all have strong, distinct personalities. This can be a sign of good parenting--but it can also be difficult to manage on the day to day when each family member has a different--but equally important agenda.

The humor of being all together was perfectly captured in a snapshot moment this morning. The temperature outside reached 110 by noon, and the kids were climbing the walls. They'd already been to the park, eaten lunch, and played several games. They finally settled on drawing at the kitchen table. Mark and I were still feeling tense with one another and the kids, when we both slipped away to the bedroom. One kiss led to two and we locked the door. Moments after our interlude began we heard a quiet knock at the door, followed by a hushed, "What are you do-ing?" Mark echoed back, "Daddy's tickling mom-ma," as we starting quietly laughing. Big mistake. Where there's laughing, kids don't want to miss a beat, so our son got a pick lock and began to work the door, as Mark started racing to the finish line. Faster and faster he went until the moment we both realized he wouldn't be able to reach the finish line before the race was over. We both broke down in laughter. Our tension was broken if only through humor...which is what we'll need this summer to make it an enjoyable one.